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Healing Results with Classical Methods Using HFA with Gentle Water Dosing

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Unlock The Mystery Of Your Cure.

Your Face...
Unlocks the Key to Your Case!

"I was treated with homeopathy over 5 years by three experienced professional Homeopaths - but made very little lasting progress in my overall health.

Using a Homeopath trained in the the HFA method, my own unique facial features were carefully analyzed.  Amazingly, my face was one of the keys to determining my "simillimum" remedy.

I have now finally experienced significant progress with gentle water dosing!"

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What is Homeopathic Facial Analysis - HFA?

Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) is the rating and analysis of many facial features unique to each person, regardless of their ethnic background, age or gender.  The facial analysis is done by a trained Homeopath who uses this data along with classical homeopathy methods and miasmatic prescribing to help interpret match the client's energy pattern to the correct homeopathic remedy for their case. 

Once this match is determined, the best suited homeopathic remedy is selected. The remedy is dosed daily in water, using classical homeopathy methods and rapid recovery begins!  Read more about HFA.

HFA is an analysis method that combined with classical homeopathy treats chronic issues for the all types of  health issues in women, children and families:


Classical Homeopathy Care Using Homeopathic Facial Analysis HFA For Women, Children and Families.
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